The Autism Matters Theatre


Hear the UK’s leading autism professionals, researchers and campaigners discussing the latest news and views on the condition in The Autism Matters Theatre in partnership with the National Autistic Society.

Just some of last year’s highlights included talks from Nigel Thompson, Head of Inspections – Children’s Health and Justice at the Care Quality Commission; Dr Olga Bogdashina, Co-founder, Programme Leader and Lecturer at the UK branch of the International Autism Institute; Freddie Adu, Headteacher at Queensmill School; Lauri Love, Computer Scientist, Political Activist and Autistic Individual; and Actors Travis Smith and Lucy Gaskell from BBC’s The A Word.

This year’s programme will be announced in March. In the meantime you can view the full 2018 programme by clicking on the date tabs below.

Sound is relayed to the audience through wireless headsets to reduce noise levels in the hall.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive as early as possible before the session you wish to attend to save disappointment.

10.30 - 11.10Updates and Initiatives: A Round-up of Current Issues in Autism Research, Policy and PracticeCarol Povey, Director of the Centre for Autism at The National Autistic Society
11.20 - 12.10Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom – How to Recognise the Signs in Autistic Students and Strategies to HelpGareth D Morewood, Director of Curriculum Support (SENCo) at Priestnall School
12.20 - 13.10Teaching Approaches for Children with PDAJilly Davis, Senior Specialist Teacher at The NAS Robert Ogden School
13.20 - 14.00Students with Autism and ADHD - Top Tips for TeachersJoanna Dziopa, Deputy Head at Queensmill School
14.10 - 14.50Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Autism and Learning Difficulties in Mainstream SchoolsLynn McCann, Autism Specialist, Teacher and Consultant at Reachout ASC
15.00 -15.50How Sensory Difficulties Can Impact on Behaviour at School and How to HelpPaul Isaacs, Autistic Speaker, Trainer, Author and Consultant
16.00 - 16.45Inclusion - What Does This Really Mean? Best Practice Guidelines for True Inclusion of Autistic PupilsLorraine Petersen, Education Consultant specialising in SEND and previously Chief Executive of NASEN
10.45 - 11.25Updates and Initiatives: A Round-up of Current Issues in Autism Research, Policy and PracticeLorraine Dormand, Principal at The NAS Robert Ogden School
11.35 - 12.15Recognising the Signs of Anxiety and Mental Health Issues in Teenagers, and Strategies to HelpTracey Williamson and Marg Kelly, ASD Trainers at Liverpool City Council
12.25 – 13.15Supporting Autistic Children with Transition into Primary and from Primary to Secondary SchoolJoanna Dziopa, Deputy Head at Queensmill School
13.25 - 14.00Playing to our Strengths, not Focussing on Perceived WeaknessesQ&A with Travis Smith, Actor who plays Mark in BBC's The A Word, Singer and Autism Advocate
14.10 – 14.50Communicating with Autistic People who find Language Difficult using Intensive Interaction Dave Hewett, Trainer and Consultant; Director of the Intensive Interaction Institute
15.00 – 15.45Managing Aggressive Behaviour at Home Gareth Hardman, National Lead Trainer (Studio III) at The National Autistic Society

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